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Online shopping the need for product photography has gone sky-high. You will find product photography everywhere. This is another content of the Professional photography business. Tips for Beginners. From your home to the billboard sign ad to the shopping mall. Everywhere, there is some kind of product photography. However, not all product photography is of the same genre. It is a crucial matter for the photographer to know about the types or kinds of photography business. That will make his job of taking product photos easier. Because he will have a clear idea of what to do in which type of photography. In today’s article, I am here with the types of product photography every photographer should know about.

Studio Product Photography

When you are shooting your project inside a studio with all the setups, that is called studio product photography. In-studio product photography you need some basic things to start with. You will need a lighting setup. There should be enough lights and lamps. Moreover, there should be a lightbox for small products. If you are shooting small toys or something like that you will need a lightbox. Besides that, you will need an umbrella to keep the lighting balance right. Otherwise, lighting will go scattered. Studio product photography also needs some other stuff which makes it unique from another photography genre.

Plain Background Photography

The purpose of product photography is to show the products in the best light. The main focus is here to show every nitty-gritty of the product so that the visitor can get a 100% idea of the product. He does not need to see the product in hand. In order to do this, you need to use a plain or white background. That type of photography is known as plain background photography. Plain background photography allows the viewer to have a good idea of the product without even reading the product specification.

Scaled Product Photography

When the visitor needs to get confirmation about the real size of the product you should give the size along with the product photo. The most trusted way of doing this is to add scale to the photo. That type of product photo is known as a scaled product photo. Scaled product photos help the visitor to have a clear idea about the product size. Especially for clothing products, you need to have a clear idea about the size. That’s why scaled photography needs arise.

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