Privacy policy represents the practices of any company to protect the data they receive from the clients and other companies. It is the right of the client to be assured about the security of the confidential data they provide. Here is the privacy policy of our company. Here you will know how we use the information we get from our clients. We assure you that your data will be kept safe and secure and will not be provided to any person or institution without your consent.

Types of Data Collected

We collect basic information from our clients. Especially:

Image Copyright

As a graphic design and image editing company we receive images from our honorable clients for post-production. We keep those images in our responsibility as long as the pros production processing is done. The images we collect are not our property. We also ensure that we will never use clients’ images for our purpose. The copyrights of each image we receive from our clients belong to them only.

Use of User Information

To provide the best service that our awesome clients deserve we collect data from our customers. We know that you deserve the best so we make it more convenient for you to receive the best services. We use the information from our clients and to contact them, receive orders, and deliver the ready product to the customer. The intention is clear that it is customer service oriented. We mainly collect data for the below-mentioned reasons:

Email Policy

To contact our customers we have to collect their email addresses. To create new contracts and offer them customized services we continuously upgrade our database of email. However, we never share or sell customer emails with other parties without their knowledge. We also ensure that we will never send any spam mail to our clients. We never ask our customers for their permission to share their email. We never have to share the email with other parties. Without collecting a huge number of email addresses we cannot promote our services. So it is a part of our promotional activity to collect the maximum number of email addresses so that we can contact our clients directly.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are vital for the cutting edge Internet yet a weakness to your security. The use of cookies may come as a threat to many users. However, our cookies policy makes sure that none of our clients get threatened by cyber insecurity. To provide a personalized web browsing experience websites have to use cookies so that they can save browsers data. Based on those data when a visitor visits the website next time the internet prioritizes his history. We take permission before using cookies. Once the visitor accepts the condition only then do we let them browse as they wish. Our purpose here is to find your experience as a user. We value your experience so we want to know which pages are beneficial for you and which pages are not. Our reason for using cookies is to analyze your experience as a visitor to our website. However, we cannot access your computer or personal data using cookies. your data will be safe and secure on your computer. if you don’t want to allow cookies 2 to record your browsing pattern you can change the settings of your browser and decline the permission of using cookies.

Data Processing System

We process the user information on different IT-enabled tools and devices. Once we take the user information we keep them in our database. When we receive orders for image post-processing for image editing we keep a separate folder for the process images. We edit clients’ images using photoshop, photoshop lightroom, and other image editing tools to give professional photo editing services. We share processed data with our clients through a safe online system.

Rights of the User

We always consider what our users prefer. Our clients can anytime withdraw their permission to use their information. We perform our activity according to their consent. As long as they allow us to use their information we continue that. Otherwise, we do not use the user information. Our clients can claim the below-mentioned rights for them.

Updating Privacy Policy

When solar control the authority to update our privacy policy anytime. We do not depend on any third party to decide how we manage user information, data processing policy. If anything goes against your privacy or confidentiality feel free to contact us.