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Product Photo Editing Service

The world has already moved online. From education to businesses, everything is now happening online. And ever since the pending week has hit the world, everything has gone upside down. Pandemic has triggered a drastic change in People’s perception of shopping. Online shopping has increased by 32% in last year. So, if you want to sell something, you have to go online. And one of the easiest ways to attract people to your product is by showing the best product photo you have. That’s why you need to enhance the look of the product photos by editing them. We are professional product photo editors. Improve the look of your product photo by taking editing services from us.

Categories of Photo Editing Service

Product photo editing service is a general category. There are some other categories of services that come under this category. We provide a range of product photo editing services. According to the needs of the customer, we provide these services.

Photo retouching and cleaning

editing background before 19Retouching after 001

Product photos have to look attractive and catchy. The photo should amaze the customer so much that he decides to buy the product. To add an amazing factor to the product photos, they should be retouched. While retouching the product photo, we remove the blemish, dust to make them look charming. As a result, the product photos grab the attention of the audience. Providing top-notch product photo retouching services is our passion.

Ghost mannequin

Neck joint before 08Neck joint after 08

Whenever we talk about apparel products photo editing, the ghost mannequin service comes along with that. Shooting clothing items with human models is costly. Not every seller can afford to hire a model to take photographs with their garment products. So, it’s better to take photographs using a mannequin. However, it looks odd to see e a clothing product with a dummy. Sometimes the color of the dummy creates confusion with the product. So, it must be removed from the photographs so that the whole concentration of the audience can go only to the clothing item. This is where the ghost mannequin service is applicable. To make the clothing product photos more appealing, take our ghost mannequin services.

Adding shadows & reflections

sport shoes editing beforesport shoes editing after

The product photo should look realistic. Otherwise, the audience may not like it. For a product to be realistic, it should contain shadows so that it does not look floating. Moreover, product photo with shadows has depth in it. We provide drop shadow services along with reading reflection, and Shadows, etc.

Color Correction

color correction services provider beforeimage color correction job

The product photo color is a crucial factor as far as product sales are concerned. The product photo color should reflect the demand for the perception of the audience. If the color is distorted, the audience may get misled. To bring the real color in the product photo, we provide a color correction service. To provide efficient service, we use the clipping path tool for ensuring accuracy.

Background and Object Removal

Electronics Photo Editing beforeElectronics Photo Editing after

No one loves to see a product picture with clutter in it. Also, sometimes we take photographs of products keeping an object in the background. To clean the background, we remove those unnecessary or unwanted objects from the bag. Sometimes to make the product item more visible in the photo, we replace or remove the background itself. Background removal service is directly connected to the clipping path service for image masking service. Our experienced and skillful designers are experts in doing the job elegantly.

Wrinkle Removal

Cloth photo beforecloth photo after
As far as clothing items are concerned, wrinkle removal is one of the core services. Even after shooting photos with mannequins or human models, there can be wrinkles on the clothing items. These make the clothing item look shabby. To make them look attractive to the customer, we remove the wrinkles from them.

Cropping & Resizing

Cropping & ResizingCropping & Resizing02

One of the basic editing services for any kind of product photo is resizing and cropping. E-commerce business sites don’t want to make their website heavy. So, they give three conditions for the size of the image and the property of the images. So, that their site loading time does not exceed a minimum level. For this reason, product sellers want their product photos to be smaller in size, and express what they want. So, cropping and resizing is also crucial product photo editing service.

Creative Product Photo Making

Machinery Photo Editing beforeMachinery Photo Editing after
To present the product photos creatively, you need to enhance the look. Sometimes it also helps the seller to sell the products. However, creative representation of product photos is applicable for some special product types. We provide creative product photo-making services as well.

Product Photo Editing Samples

Neck joint before after 01
Background retouch before after
Retouching after 003
editing background before after 05
editing background before after 04


A product photo editing service is the best way to make your products representable to the customer. You need to enhance the beauty of your product to make them salable. If you want to increase sales of your product, you must get them edited by a professional image editing service provider.
one of the best ways to improve the overall sales of the company is to make the product photos more attractive. The buyers decide to buy the product by watching the product photos. So, if you can keep the product photos classy, your product might get sold faster than the others.
We have professional designers who are capable of providing numerous types of product photo editing services including product photo retouching, ghost mannequin service, background removal service, 3D/360-Degree Packshot photo editing service.
Yes, we have discount offers based on the number of images you want to edit from us.

Final Word

Product photos are not ready to upload right after taking photos. Before uploading the product photos to the eCommerce site, you must make sure that they are attractive enough, they have a clear look, there is no clutter in the background, the size of the images is compatible with the E-Commerce sites requirement, and it is present. We provide all of these services in one place.