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Photoshop clipping path services

Clipping path is one of the most popular and used tools of Photoshop. To keep the subject in focus, designers use different kinds of techniques. If you are selling products online, you have to present your products with clean and clutter-free images. Because customers don’t get attracted to unclean, messy, blurry images. Customers have to understand the features of the product. So the background should be clean. There should not be any unwanted objects besides the products so that customers don’t face any difficulty seeing the product. So the task of cutting out the subject for making the photo cleaner should be done by some experts. This service also assist in color correction service. You can save a lot of time and money if you outsource your clipping path service to us as we are experienced in this field.

Photoshop Clipping Path Service Categories

We provide several categories of Clipping Path Services. To make it convenient for the client, we have divided the categories based on the image difficulty. Moreover, the cost of each category differs.

Basic Clipping Path

Electronics Photo Editing beforeElectronics Photo Editing after
The designers apply basic Clipping Path service on the images with playing edges. The images contain no carb at all. Pictures of balls, simple-looking toys, computer mouse, monitors, TV, etc. come in this category. Because it is simple to apply the clipping path service on these images. the cost of cutting out the subject of this kind of pictures or products is is less than other categories.

Simple Clipping Path

Machinery Photo Editing beforeMachinery Photo Editing after
A simple clipping path takes a little longer time to apply the clipping path service on the picture. Yet the picture is not that complex. The pictures usually we keep in this category are like a wristwatch, ring, dumbbell, etc. These types of pictures have some parts where the designer has to work a little longer but the task is easy. So, the cost is not very high.

Medium Clipping Path

editing background before 23editing background after 23
Medium clipping path service is for images that have curves and complexity to some extent. The product may contain small or big holes in it which will take extra time to apply the clipping path. The anchor point of the clipping path will be more than the simple clipping path or basic Clipping Path. So it takes a little longer to apply the process.

Complex Clipping Path

multiple clipping path beforemultiple clipping path after
If your image contains many e holes, gaps, tribe-like gaps then it will come in this category. The shape of the product may have a complex look Which makes it difficult for the designer to apply the clipping path.

Super Complex Clipping Path

cycle path Beforecycle path After
When there are lots of curves, holes, and complexity in the image we keep it in the Super Complex clipping path category. Here a designer has to spend hours to accomplish the task. It is the costliest of all the clipping path services.

Multiple Clipping Path

editing background before 24editing background after 24
Multiple clipping path is for the images where there is a need for multiple clipping path because the image contains several subjects in the same photo. To cut out the background a designer has to do multiple clipping paths on the same image.

Clipping Path Samples

Car photo background before after
Background Replacing after before
editing background before after 07
Neck joint before after 08
Machine photo before after
editing background before after 05

When You Need This Service

The clipping path service is not always applicable for every image. If your product picture has a plane edge u can apply a clipping path. If you need to correct the color in that case you may need a clipping path service. For retouching any product image or pottery headshot the primary need is clipping path service.

When You Do Not Need It

Sometimes the product or the image subject has stray hair, or furry edges. In those cases, you cannot apply the clipping path service. The tool clipping path will not work here. PhotoShop has another tool called masking tool which will be applicable for this kind of image.

Who Needs This Service

The most valuable customer of this service is the people who work with e-commerce photography. They need clipping path services most for their products. From shoe to food products, furniture, fashion products, etc. everywhere clipping path is a necessary service for eCommerce business. Websites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, put a condition that sailors have to upload only clutter-free e or unwanted object-free e pictures on the website.
Besides E-Commerce business, Magazine, newspapers, models, photographers also need this service.


Different types of product photos may need clipping path service to remove the background. Especially product images with plain edges.
For the audience, it is important to get a clear photo so that they can decide if they will buy the product or not. And for The E-Commerce business person, it is important to sell their products. To meet the demand of both of these parties clipping path has a Revolutionary contribution.
Editing all of your photos by yourself will kill your valuable time that you can use to grow your business, enlarge your network, and improve your quality of work. If you keep this task in your hand, it will suck the passion out of your work. So it is best to outsource the image editing especially the clipping paths task to the expert.
We have a team of expert designers who are dedicated only to clipping paths. So they have become so expert in this stuff they can provide the best service to any product images. At the same time, we can process more than 1000 images per day and deliver them in a quick turnaround time.


To wrap it up, looking but service is there to help the product owners and the buyers. Because of these tools products, sellers feel comfortable presenting their products in front of the audience. similarly the audience gets the best view of the product as a clipping path is applied to remove the unwanted object, clutter, and unwanted background from the picture. If we consider the business factor, the clipping path is one of the most important tools that PhotoShop has ever invented.