When the mannequin is cut out to give an apparel photo a 3D look it is called ghost mannequin service. It is also known as the invisible mannequin effect. Though models are best to take apparel photos mannequins has also some unique use. The purpose of using mannequins is to reduce the cost of the human model. Not all eCommerce businesses can afford models to shoot photos with their clothing products. In that case, a less costly way is to shoot with a mannequin. Besides, a mannequin is used to give photos a 3D look after removing the mannequin. Well, only expert hands can give perfect ghost mannequins or invisible mannequins service.

Ghost Mannequin Services Categories

Well, like other photo editing services, this also have several categories. There are mainly 4 categories of ghost mannequin service. Each of the categories of service needs tough work and dedication to implement ghost mannequin service. We have some highly experienced ghost mannequin editors who are efficient enough to do all 4 categories of ghost mannequin service.

3D/360° Ghost Mannequin Effects

Any buyer loves to See the product you will buy from front to end and top to bottom. The best way to present or display an apparel product is by making it 360 degrees or 3D. It is possible to make this type of photo bye by using the ghost Mannequin service. The Invisible mannequin service Intends to make the photo look exactly how the buyers want. For this, we take multiple photos of a single product. Then render it as a packshot photo. Before this, we remove the many queens. So, that while rendering the apparel product looks 360 degrees. By this, a buyer will know how the apparel product looks like from every angle. It increases the possibility of sales. So, E-Commerce companies use this service frequently.

The 3D ghost mannequin effect they created for my clothing line is amazing! It's made a huge difference to my online store.
Oliver H.

Neck Joint Service

Another category of the ghost mannequin is neck joint service. Here we remove the mannequin at first. While doing this, a part of the neck of the apparel or garments product needs to be cut out. So, we take photos of the neck separately and make a joint between the neck and the body. This is called neck joint service. The problem with taking photos of whole dress at the same time is people cannot see the inner part of the dress at first hand. So, the need for neck joint service arises. Like other categories of this service, the neck joint is also popular among e-commerce companies who need eCommerce photo editing services or photo cut out service. Our dedicated Photoshop image editors provide this service accurately. They are specially trained to provide this kind of tough service.

Their neck joint service is top-notch. My shirts look so much more professional without the mannequin.
Mia T.

Bottom Joint

The bottom joint is pretty similar to the neck joint service. When the bottom of the dress has some extra length on one side it gets hidden behind the mannequin. So, when we remove the mannequin. So, when we remove the mannequin The part of the dress also gets removed. Following the similar image rating system, we join the bottom with the dress. So, your client will never get confused about the real look of the garment item. Once you take this service from us it will be beneficial for you in many ways. Your photos will be ready to upload on your website, and the product will be e loved by your audiences. So, without any delay take this service from us and increase the possibility of product sales.

I'm thrilled with the results of their bottom joint service. My dresses now look complete and appealing.
Noah P.

Sleeves Joint

To make the apparel completely hollow the sleeves also need to be free of the mannequin. So, we remove the mannequin hand to make the sleeves hollow. No matter what kind of sleeves your product has we will it this with ultimate care. We do ghost mannequins on long sleeves, short sleeves, and mediums live as well. The criteria of each kind of sleeve are different from another. So, it takes a different level of expertise for this service. Only experienced hands can give you an accurate sleeve joint service.

The sleeves joint service was exceptional. My jackets look so realistic and high-quality now.
Emma S.

How We Work

The first thing you have to do is to request a quote. On this, you have to send us the sample images so we can evaluate the price. Then we will let you know about the pricing details of services with the payment method.
Once you agree with the pricing policy and want to continue. we will begin the work process.
Within a short time, we will let you know that your images have been edited as per your requirements. If you have any feedback feel free to share. We will revise that and let you know.
As we deliver the edited images, we will send an invoice for the project. We expect you to make the payment using the payment gateways like PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Wise, etc.

Ghost Mannequin Samples

Who Needs This Service?

This service is mainly popular among photographers, e-commerce businesses, product sellers, magazines, etc. The e-commerce businesses have to upload clean images to the website. Some e-commerce sites give conditions to the companies that they can not upload any unclear, invisible product image on the site. So, the product should be with a plain or single color background. Moreover, the magazines that work with different kinds of products and models also have to use images with a clean background. They have to remove the unwanted object from the background as well. Last but not least, photographers also need this service.

How We Do It

Mostly our customers provide us with multiple photos of a single product. We get them together and render the photos to make them look 360 degrees. Moreover, we remove the Mannequin to make the whole apparel product look hollow. As a result, you get the final product.


As the mannequin is removed from the apparel products and the clothing items look hollow or the mannequin becomes invisible, this is called ghost mannequin service.
Yes, we have some expert image editors who are dedicated to working on projects with ghost mannequin services. So, we are hopeful you will surely get a satisfactory service from us.
To increase the sales percentage of apparel products. As you have other jobs to perform, you cannot do all of this by yourself. Otherwise, your business will get ruined. If you need professional services in this field, you have to take this service.
Mostly the eCommerce business owners need this service who sell garment products and jewelry products.


Ghost mannequin is an extremely important service for those who cannot afford human models. Human models cost a lot. So, the mannequin is the final shelter for those business owners. But the problem with mannequins is, you should not show them on the website. This is where the need for ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin service come.