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Cloth Photo Editing Services

Clothes are mandatory items for everyone. Everyone needs clothes. On one hand, it is extremely necessary, and on the other, it is a part of our elegance. By wearing beautiful clothes we show our aesthetics and style. As it is also a part of our fashion, people love to buy the best looking dresses for them. In the last few years, the sales of closing items happened online mostly. People love to buy clothing items online. Moreover, because of covid-19, the ratio of online shopping has increased by a large number. For E-Commerce business owners, it has become tough to attract potential buyers of their clothing items. However, if you edit your clothing items for clothing photos by us, it will improve your overall business. People will love your product. As a result, your sales and revenue will increase. So, you can easily understand that there is no alternative to Editing clothing photos from professionals like us.

Cloth Photo Editing Services Categories

Clothing photo editing services have several categories. As clothing is related to other services we have to keep those services under this category as well. We provide different kinds of clothing photo editing services including ghost mannequins, color correction service, background removal, background replacement, background changing, wrinkle removal, retouching, etc. here is our service category in a nutshell.

Ghost Mannequin Service

Neck joint before 07Neck joint after 07

Ghost Mannequin Service itself is a big category. However, when we talked about clothing photo editing or apparel photo editing, we have to keep ghost Mannequin Service as mandatory. Ghost Mannequin Service is divided into several parts. Such as, neck joint, sleeve joint, bottom joint, etc. neck joint is is the service where the mannequin is removed, then the next photo is added with the clothes. The purpose of ghost Mannequin Service is to make the photo look hollow. The bottom and sleeve joint are also intended to make the photo look hollow. And another type of ghost mannequin service is 3D packshot. Here the clothing photo renders and people can have a clear view of the photo from front to end.

Clothing Color Correction

color correction services provider beforecolor correction services provider after
Colour is the most important component of any dress. If the color is not in the right look that people will never bite. Moreover, kid’s dresses photos should e look fantastic in terms of color. Because children love to buy fancy dresses with a colorful design If any cloth does not look as it is in reality, it will surely distract the idea of the buyer. Buyers will get confused by the color. Even if they buy it, the possibility of returning will increase because of the real look. As in online shopping, we cannot see the clothing items on hand it is important to display the picture with the right car. We make closing photo color perfect and accurate. Clothing photo color correction service is one of our most popular and core services.

Background Removal

Cloth photo beforecloth photo after
Removing the background of any clothing item is important. Because if we don’t remove the background there might be unwanted objects, clatters, props, or anything else which people don’t love to see. Moreover, to give the dress for clothing item Central focus for the audiences it is important to remove everything else but the dress. We remove, replace, or change the background by using clipping path tool, image masking tool, the magic wand tool, etc. this service is also known as object removal background change or background replacement service.

Clothing Image Masking Service

Neck joint before 02Neck joint after 02
As I have mentioned earlier, we use image masking tools to remove the background of clothing, this service is also a separate category of services. When there are furry edges on the cloths, we cannot use the clipping path tool. We have to use an image masking tool to make the background removal accurate. Otherwise, the ages will not be perfect. Similarly, the clipping path technique will take more time to perform. This is why image masking comes as a new category of service.

Wrinkles Removal Service

Clothes RetouchingClothes Retouching 1
If there are wrinkles on the clothing items, people assume that the clothing item is from a thrift shop or is used by others. However, this is not the case in reality. The photographer may have taken the photo as he found the clothing item. Well, you don’t have to worry if your clothing items have wrinkles on them. We will remove the wrinkles from your clothes on your behalf. Our expert image editors do these jobs perfectly within a short time.

Clothing Photo Retouching

Neck joint before 06Neck joint after 06

If you are looking for an image editing service that will enhance your clothing items photos, you need a retouching service for clothing photos. retouching of fashion items is mandatory. Because it is directly connected to the overall revenue generation of your business. You cannot ignore this. We give professional clothing or Jewelry photo retouching services for fashion houses, e-commerce, magazines, models.

Cloth Photo Editing Samples

Neck joint before after 03
Neck joint before after 08
Neck joint before after 02
cloth photo after before
Neck joint before after 06
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To place an order you have to contact us first and give us sample pictures asking for the services you need. We will give you our quotation with. If you agree we will start working on this.
If you order bulk images, we will give you a huge discount. Besides, for every project, we provide two images for a free trial.
We use multiple payment gateways so that h clients don't face any problem proceeding with the payment method. We use PayPal, Visa, Master cards, wire transfer, Payoneer, etc. to make it convenient for our clients.
Editing closing photos will only be beneficial for you if you edit them by professional photo editing service providers like us. We use the most modern techniques and tools to make sure that our editing service is up to the mark. We keep the customer satisfaction at first. We also focus on the benefits of customers.


Closing photo editing service is one of the most important services existing in The E-Commerce sector. No clothing is fashion products will get sold without having clothing photo retouching services. So without any hesitation, you should take this service from us as we are one of the pioneers of the forwarding industry.