Terms & Conditions

Cutout House applies these terms and conditions as a bridge with the customers. As a visitor of the site, you have to agree with each of the terms and conditions. Otherwise, you can skip the website at your will.

We reserve the full and sole authority to make any changes, modifications, include or exclude any terms if we wish. As a part of your cautiousness, you should inquire and check every term and condition if they mismatch with your expectations or not.

If you continue using our site, you will enjoy a non-transferable, personal, non-exclusive, privilege to surf this site.

The use of this website includes the following terms of use:

Copyright notice

We use copyright-protected images and texts. We reserve the right of using, exchanging, and making any changes. Any use of the content of our website for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. You may:
The information we collect from our clients: We may collect the following information

Why do we gather information?

We collect customer information for some specific reasons. Here are the things we do after gathering the information from our clients.


The privacy policies of Cutout House will be applied only for using this site. To know in detail about the privacy policies of Cutout House please click here. As you are using this website, we assume that you agree with the terms of use of our site. The information you provide can be seen and read by others.

Accounts, Passwords, and Security:

To proceed with some offers, you have to create an account and set a password for security. Such as FTP, DropBox, or Hightell, etc to transfer, receive and download files with their genuine size. If you see or can notice any unauthorized use of your account, let us know as soon as possible. We will terminate that account and stop all kinds of file-sharing or exchanging with that account.

Free trial

We provide a free trial to our customers so that they can assess our skills in editing images. However, this offer is conditional. It is applicable only for those people who have an official order placement possibility. We judge this by the email we get mail from. if it is official, then go free trial option for our clients. We do not consider personal image editing under a free trial offer.

Quality Guarantee

Our primary goal is to provide the best service for our clients. However, if any situation arises when you are not satisfied with our services you can give feedback. We will work on the feedback you give, to ensure 100% satisfaction from your end. We will do this without adding extra payment if you do not add new requirements. We guarantee you high-quality services.

Payment Methods

We allow multiple payment gateways for our clients. Such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa card, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, etc.

File Storage

For the convenience of our clients, we keep the post-processing done images in our server for at least two months. Within this period if our clients want their images again we provide them without any fee. But after this period, we will not be able to support our clients with backup. We have to delete the old files to store the new ones.

Use of your image

The free trial images we offered to our customers are our property. We all promote promotional purposes. We can and surely wheel use those images to upload on our website as a temple of h Good Works. Well, you can request not to use these images for our business purposes. If you want to do so, you have to send an email.

Cookie Policy

You can see our cookie policy here.

Website disclaimer

Cutouthouse.com has images that are used only for general purposes. We publish the images and content on our website just to keep our clients updated about our services, contact information, address, and latest updates on offers. You may find information on other websites in Cutout House. We are not liable for those information’s being accurate, complete, responsive, suitable, and reliable. We try to be available to our customers all the time. However, if our server is not reachable for some technical issues we will not be liable for this.

What type of images we avoid

As we work with image editing, we need to work on images with high resolution. Otherwise, it becomes tough to edit the images. So we avoid images with low resolution. Also, we avoid images that are not clear or blurry. Besides this, we don’t work on images with naked human bodies, pornographic or images promoting nudity.