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Body Retouching Services

The purpose of body retouching service is to improve the look of the human body. We all have some natural flaws in our bodies. But we don’t love to show it publicly. So, we want to improve the look of our body in photographs. As a part of the post-processing of photos, we do body retouching to enhance the look. Our professional body retouchers Work on the look improvement of the human body by removing the wrinkles, skin dimpling, cellulite, breast enlarging, reshaping the body, Slimming the body, improving the skin tone. We are assuring you that you will get the natural improvement of your body shape skin color and many more.

Body Retouching Service Categories

Body retouching service comprises several categories. As our bodies usually have different kinds of flaws, we have to work on those according to separate strategies, with separate tools, applying different kinds of editing methods. We provide the below-mentioned service categories under body retouching services.

Body slimming

Body sliming sample 04Body sliming sample 05
People who do not have fit bodies, often feel shy do show up their bodies. Moreover, they are sometimes victims of body shaming. Well, it does not matter what kind of body you have. We will make it look slim and fit. Our body slimming service is intended to improve the shape of your body by slimming it.

Make-up Retouching

Make-up RetouchingMake-up Retouching 1
The technology of photo editing has been improving at a rapid pace. The advent of Digital makeup has made it easy for us to give makeup retouching to the human body. People working in photography studios, magazines, newspapers, ad agency, need this service regularly. Because they work with human models. Their bodies should be perfect in look.

Clothes Retouching

Clothes RetouchingClothes Retouching 1
The thing which remains the closest to the body is the clothes. If we want to retouch the body, then we have to go for retouching the clothes as well. Because it is not possible to shoot the photos with perfect looking clothes. We have to give some touch up so that the clothes look their best.

Background Retouching

Background RetouchingBackground Retouching 1

No matter how perfect the body looks, if the background is not looking good enough, it will affect the whole photograph. As a result, it will create a bad impression on the mind of the viewer. If you want to impress your audiences with perfect-looking models, in the human body is you have to improve the background as well. So, background retouching is a core part of body retouching service as well.

Stray Hair Fixing

Stray hair looks bad in the photos. Because it destroys the look of the face, and head of the human in the photograph. On top of that, stray hair editing is not a task of a professional image editor. You need a professional photo editing service provider on how to edit straight hair. Stray hair fixing immediately improves the whole look of the picture.

Stray Hair Fixing 2

Body Retouching Remove Items

Along with body retouching, we also provide removal of items from the background or beside the subject’s body. Because the presence of unwanted items in the frame, makes the whole photograph look unprofessional and unprepared. These items distract the focus of the viewers from the subject. So, no matter how good the subject looks, it affects the photo in the end.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening​ before sampleTeeth Whitening​ after sample
Teeth whitening is an integral part of body retouching service. You cannot separate teeth whitening service from body retouching. We can see that the fair-looking people usually have a yellowish look on their teeth. It does not suit their face rather it looks ugly. So, it is better to give the teeth a white look. Especially for the advertisement of teeth whitening items like toothpaste, tooth powder, floss, we have to apply this service.

Teeth Brace Removal

Braces remova1lBraces remova2l

We also provide brace removal services, brace removal means removing the braces from the teeth. We all know because of the braces, the smile or face of the people don’t look as we expect them to. On that note, you need teeth braces removal service from us. Our professional and highly dedicated team of experts works on these critical photoshop editings. If you are looking for an accurate brace removal service, you can place an order with us.

Head Swapping

Basic headshot touch-upsBasic headshot touch-ups02

This service is a little rare what becomes necessary when the necessity arises. Sometimes we have to use different photos to make one single photo. We take the head from one photo and body from another photo and make it as a single output. This service is called head swapping. Head swapping is extremely popular in the modeling industry. If you are looking for head swapping services, you can rely on us.

Pimples,Scars,Face Blemishes Removal

Blemishes & scars removal 1Blemishes & scars removal 2
Pimples, scars, blemishes on the face, frickles, unwanted spots make photos look poor. The removal of these things is critical and time-consuming. You need a professional hand to accomplish these. We are providing these types of unwanted things removal services from your face. We use Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, and other modern tools to remove pimples spots, scars, face blemishes, etc.

Body Retouching Services Samples

Make-up Retouching 2
body retouch 2
Skin Smoothening03
Stray Hair Fixing 2
Mother’s Skin Retouching03
Wrinkles Removal03
Body sliming sample 03


To place an order you have to give us sample images. We will provide you with a quote. If you agree, we will start working on it after the agreement.
Yes, We provide discounts for bulk orders. If you have a big project, we will offer you a discount based on the number of images.
We have a flexible payment gateway. You can pay us through Visa, Mastercard, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, etc.
Body retouching is one of the most popular image editing services. It enhances the overall look of the body of the image subject.

Final Word

Body retouching service is highly recommended for model photography, fashion items photograph, studios, fashion magazine, ad agencies, newspapers, etc. We are Cutout House, We provide professional body retouching services to our clients. If you need elegant and accurate body touching services, contact us.