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Still Life Photography Equipment

Still Life Photography Equipment can be found on platforms like Amazon and B&H Photo-Video-Audio, offering different options such as overhead camera mounts, shooting tables, portable light boxes, and softbox lighting kits. These tools are essential for achieving optimal lighting and composition in still life photography.


Essential Equipment

For captivating still life photography, essential equipment includes an overhead camera mount rig for top-down shots, a portable shooting table with a detachable circular frame, and tabletop studio lights. These tools provide versatile setups for achieving stunning compositions and controlling lighting for dynamic still life captures.

Top Down Camera Mount Rig NEEWER Overhead Camera Mount Rig for Top Down Shots $157.99 on
Photography Frame Bean Bag Props New Photography Frame Bean Bag Props Still Life Table $84.98 on Temu
Lighting Kit with Softbox The Light Cone x Karl Taylor – Kit $139.95 on V-Flat World

NEEWER Overhead Camera Mount Rig for Top Down Shots is a necessary tool for capturing unique angles. New Photography Frame Bean Bag Props provide versatility in setting up still life scenes. The Light Cone x Karl Taylor – Kit offers excellent lighting options for achieving professional results.

Shooting Tables

Shooting tables are essential for capturing stunning still life photos, providing a stable surface for arranging and shooting objects. These tables come in various sizes and designs to suit different photography needs, ensuring optimal lighting and composition for your shots.

Enhance your still life photography with a reliable shooting table.

Still Life Photography Equipment
Shooting Tables
Manfrotto Shooting Table Frame Smith-Victor Desktop Studio Kit
The Manfrotto Shooting Table Frame is a versatile option for still life photography. It comes with adjustable tilting, optional wheels, and easy assembly and disassembly. It is available without the plexiglass panel, allowing you to customize the setup according to your needs. You can find this shooting table frame on various online platforms such as B&H Photo-Video-Audio and Full Compass Systems. The Smith-Victor Desktop Studio Kit is a comprehensive solution for still life photography. It includes a shooting table with a plexiglass panel, lights, clamps, and bulbs. This kit provides everything you need to create professional-looking still life images. You can purchase the Smith-Victor Desktop Studio Kit from B&H Photo-Video-Audio and other online retailers.
Glide Gear Multi-Mount
The Glide Gear Multi-Mount is a convenient option for shooting on tables or mounting on a C-stand. It offers a stable platform for your camera and accessories. You can find the Glide Gear Multi-Mount on platforms like B&H Photo-Video-Audio and It is a versatile tool to enhance your still life photography setup.

Lighting Techniques

To create stunning still life photography, it is important to have the right lighting equipment and techniques. One key aspect to consider is understanding exposure simulation. This allows you to review your shots and make necessary adjustments to achieve the desired effect. When it comes to lighting fruit, it’s important to optimize your lighting setup. You can experiment with different angles and intensities to highlight the texture, color, and shape of the fruit.

In terms of equipment, there are various options available. You can invest in an overhead camera mount rig for top-down shots, a portable folding photography studio, or a still life shooting table frame. Each of these options comes with its own features and benefits, so it’s important to choose one that suits your specific needs.

Remember, the key to successful still life photography is experimentation and practice. By exploring different lighting techniques and equipment, you can capture stunning images that bring your subjects to life.

Expert Tips And Gear

Discover top-notch still life photography equipment and get expert tips to elevate your skills. From overhead camera mounts to portable shooting tables, find the perfect gear to capture stunning shots. Enhance your photography game with the right equipment and techniques.

NeeWer Overhead Camera Mount Rig $157.99 –
Light Cone x Karl Taylor – Kit $139.95 – V-Flat World
Portable Folding Photography Studio $5.19 – Temu
Manfrotto Still Life Shooting Table Frame $521.88 – B&H Photo-Video-Audio
Smith-Victor Digital Desktop Studio Kit $692.95 – B&H Photo-Video-Audio
Glide Gear Multi-Mount Home Studio Desktop Video Stand $79.99 – B&H Photo-Video-Audio

Tips for improving still life photography include experimenting with lighting angles, using a tripod for stability, and exploring different compositions. When choosing a camera for still life photography, consider resolution, sensor size, and manual controls to enhance image quality. Selecting the right gear such as an overhead camera mount, shooting table frame, and portable studio can elevate your still life photography. Experiment with different lighting setups to create dynamic and visually appealing shots. Explore online tutorials and resources to learn new techniques and enhance your still life photography skills.

Necessary Components

Necessary Components

Still life photography requires certain essential equipment to achieve professional-looking results.

A suitable backdrop provides a clean and uncluttered background that complements the subject.

Sturdy Support (Tripod/Stand)
A stable support such as a tripod or stand is necessary to keep the camera steady and capture clear, focused images.

Effective Light Source
Proper lighting is crucial for still life photography to illuminate the subject and create the desired atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions On Still Life Photography Equipment

What Do You Use For Still Life Photography?

For still life photography, you can use equipment such as an overhead camera mount, table mount stand, circular shooting table, light cone kit, portable folding photography studio, shooting table frame, or a desktop video stand. These tools help with lighting, positioning, and creating the desired setup for capturing still life images.

What Camera Is Best For Still Life Photography?

For still life photography, the best camera is one with high resolution and good color accuracy.

What Is An Instrument Used For Taking Still Photographs?

A camera is used for taking still photographs.

What Camera Setting For Still Life Photography?

For still life photography, use a small aperture for sharper details, a tripod for stability, and good lighting. Adjust ISO and use manual focus for precision.


Equipping yourself with the right tools is essential for successful still life photography. From overhead camera mounts to lighting kits, invest in quality equipment to enhance your craft effortlessly. These resources can elevate your creativity and help you capture captivating images with precision and style.

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