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How to edit beach photos vsco

If you’ve ever taken photos at the beach, then you know that editing them to make them look their best can be a daunting task. With all of the sand, sun, and sea to contend with, it’s easy for photos to come out looking cluttered or overexposed. However, with the right editing tools and techniques, you can transform your beach photos into stunning masterpieces. In this article, we’ll show you how to edit beach photos using the VSCO app. We’ll also provide some tips for avoiding common mistakes and making your edits look natural. So read on for everything you need to know about photo editing for the beach!

How to edit beach photos vsco

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a never-ending stream of beach photos on your camera roll. But how do you make them look amazing? Here are our top tips for editing beach photos on VSCO!

1. Bring out the colors

The colors in beach photos can often be muted, so we like to bring them out with a little bit of brightness and saturation.

2. Add a vignette

A vignette can really help to make your beach photos pop. We like to add a subtle vignette around the edges of our photos.

3. Increase the contrast

Adding a bit of contrast can really make your beach photos look stunning. We usually increase the contrast just a tad to really make the colors pop.

4. Use a preset

If you want your beach photos to look extra amazing, try using a preset. VSCO has a great selection of presets that can really transform your photos.

5. Shoot in RAW

If you really want to have complete control over your beach photos, shoot in RAW. This will give you the most flexibility when it comes to editing.

If you can’t do these things yourself, you should take a professional photo editing service.

What filters to use

When it comes to editing beach photos, there are a few key filters that can really make a difference in the final result. For a natural look, start with the ‘Amaro’ filter. This will add a bit of warmth and contrast to your photo. Next, try the ‘Reyes’ filter to bring out the blue tones in the sky and water. Finally, the ‘Valencia’ filter will give your photo a bit of a vintage look.

How to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation

Brightness: To make your photo brighter, increase the brightness level in your editing software. This will make the colors in your photo pop and can help to make a dull photo look more vibrant.

Contrast: To increase the contrast in your photo, make the dark areas darker and the light areas lighter. This will help to create more depth and dimension in your photo.

Saturation: To make the colors in your photo more saturated, increase the saturation level. This will make the colors really stand out and can help to make an otherwise bland photo more interesting.

Tips for making your photos look more natural

First, try to avoid using flash whenever possible. Instead, opt for natural lighting, either by using a window or by stepping outside. Second, don’t be afraid to get closer to your subject. This will help you capture more details and create a more intimate shot. Finally, take your time. If you can, take several photos of the same thing from different angles and distances. This will give you more options to choose from when you’re editing and will help you create a more natural-looking final product.

Final word

Editing your beach photos is a great way to show off your summer memories and share them with friends and family. By using the VSCO app to make adjustments to color, contrast, and saturation, you can create beautiful images that will make everyone jealous of your vacation!

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