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Spot & Blemish Removal 1

Toy Photo Editing Services

Every family with a kid needs multiple toys. So the toy market has expanded around the world. It comprises approximately 100 billion dollars. The sales of toy products depend on the representation of them in the shop. As parents, don’t buy toys at their own will rather the children choose the toy, photographs for the presentation of toys should be e appealing. Not only this, if there are any unnecessary things in the photos we have to remove them first hand. It means the editing of the photographs is important because the better the photo looks the more sales will generate.

Toy Photo Editing Service Categories

My photos need different kinds of editing. So we have arranged an array of editing services for photos. According to size, shape, color, sensitivity, and material, the editing of the photograph differs. Here are the categories of traffic editing services we have.

Toy Photo Retouching

Toy Photo RetouchingToy Photo Retouching 1

We all know that toys are made of different kinds of materials. Some are made of plastics, some are made of steel, some are made of wood, some are made of clothes, and so on. So, when the photographer takes photos of the toy product, the flashlight reflects on them. Sometimes the color of the toy gets distorted because of this. The actual color of the toy does not appear in the photograph. In that case, toy photo retouching is the shelter you should take. We remove the reflection, color distortion, etc. using Photoshop software. Take toy photo retouching services from us and increase the sale of your truck products.

Recoloring Toys

Recoloring ToysRecoloring Toys 1
Many toys are available in the market with the same design but in different colors. However, the seller does not take photos of each toy. So, hand the photographs over to us and we will recolor the toys and make them look different. Changing the color of the toy photos is one of our core services. While applying recoloring service, we also have to try clipping path image masking at times as well. So, this service is a little costly.

Background Removal

Background RemovalBackground Removal 1

One of the pre-conditions that an E-Commerce site gives to its seller is to remove the background of the product photos. The same rule goes for toy photographs. So, the seller has no option but to make the photos clean and clear. That’s why our background removal service applies to your photographs as well. We apply the clipping path technique to remove the background. For the toys which have furry edges, we apply an image masking tool in those photos. At times we also apply a magic wand tool to make it faster.

Object Removal

Object RemovalObject Removal 1
Another important editing of try photos is to remove the unwanted objects from the background. The purpose here is to make the subject more focused. It helps the buyer to decide whether you will buy the product or not. If the photos look good the toys may get sold more. So take our object removal service to increase sales.

Adding Shadows

Adding ShadowsAdding Shadows 1
Adding shadows to the product photos increases their depth. Also, make them look realistic. Buyers don’t want to buy something that is looking floating in nowhere. To keep The Toy photos realistic we add or drop shadows to them. To add shadows to your photos contact us.

Color Adjustment

Color AdjustmentColor Adjustment 1

Color is a deciding factor for a kid to buy a toy. It becomes crucial for the seller as well to keep the doll photos in the right color. We give color adjustment services so that the toy looks attractive. The better look the more possibility of getting sold. The purpose here is to make the subject more focused. It helps the buyer to decide whether you will buy the product or not. 

Spot & Blemish Removal

Spots and blemishes on any product make it look old or and usable. Some people think that this type of product is second-hand. So they don’t feel like buying those products. If you want to make your products look worthy of selling, remove the blemish or spots on the toys. Children don’t want to buy toys that look old and ugly. To make the products attractive to the children we use Photoshop tools to remove the spot and blemishes from them.
Spot & Blemish Removal 2

Toy photo editing samples

Recoloring Toys 2
Spot & Blemish Removal 2
Background Removal 2
Object Removal 2
Color Adjustment 2
Adding Shadows 2


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Final Word

To Grab the huge market of the toy industry you can not compromise on editing your photos. If you want to survive in the business you have to upload the best photo you have. Because your competitors are not sitting idle. They are doing the best they need to do. You don’t need to worry about the reading part. Let us know and we will do our best for you. If you are looking for or koi photo editing partner we are here. Our expert and experienced team members of the wheel do their best to make your toy products salable. So, without any delay get a quote from us,, and let’s start working together.