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How to remove watermark in Photoshop

How to Erase Watermark From Photo is a common task in image editing, often needed to create a cleaner appearance or to repurpose an image for personal or professional use. This process requires specialized software or tools, and it involves careful manipulation to ensure that the underlying image remains intact and unharmed. It’s worth noting that erasing watermarks should always be done with consideration for copyright laws and intellectual property rights. If the image is not your own, obtaining proper permission or licensing is crucial. The following details the methods and tools that can be used to successfully erase watermarks from photos.

How to remove watermark from photo on phone

Removing a watermark from a photo on a phone can be accomplished through various mobile apps designed for image editing. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Choose an Editing App: Select a mobile app that offers watermark removal features, like Photoshop Express, Snapseed, or other specialized watermark removal apps available on your app store.
  • Open the Photo: Launch the app and open the photo with the watermark that you wish to remove.
  • Select the Watermark: Use the selection tools provided by the app to precisely outline the watermark. Some apps may have an automatic watermark removal feature that detects and selects the watermark for you.
  • Apply Removal Tools: Use the app’s removal or healing tools to erase the watermark. You may need to adjust settings like opacity, size, and hardness for a natural look.
  • Fine-Tune: Zoom in and carefully inspect the area to ensure that the watermark has been removed without affecting the underlying image. Make necessary adjustments using the cloning or healing tools.
  • Save or Export: Once satisfied with the result, save or export the edited photo to your desired location on your phone.

Remember to respect copyright laws, and only remove watermarks from photos you have the right to modify or use. The exact process may vary depending on the app, but these general steps can guide you in most cases.

20 Best Free Watermark Removers To Clearly Erase Watermarks from Any Photos

Watermarks serve as a protection mechanism for digital images, yet there are times when their removal may be necessary for legitimate purposes. The proliferation of smartphones has led to a surge in mobile-based applications designed to handle such tasks. While there are numerous apps available, finding the most efficient and user-friendly ones can be a challenge. The following list will spotlight 20 of the best free watermark removers available for Android devices. These apps have been selected for their ease of use, effectiveness, and robust features, allowing users to erase watermarks from any photos seamlessly. Whether you’re a professional looking for advanced capabilities or a casual user seeking simple solutions, these apps cater to a wide range of needs while ensuring quality and precision in watermark removal.

Here’s a brief review of each app, focusing on their watermark removal capabilities:

PhotoDirector: A versatile photo editing app that includes watermark removal among its many features. Easy to use and offers a range of editing tools, from color correction to object removal.

WatermarkRemover: Specialized in removing watermarks, it provides a straightforward approach. Some users might find it limited in other editing functions.

Photo Retouch-Object Removal: Designed to remove unwanted objects, including watermarks. Provides decent control over fine-tuning, making it suitable for detailed work.

FDCTool: Though not exclusively for watermark removal, it offers strong retouching tools that can effectively erase watermarks.

TouchRetouch: A professional-grade app with a user-friendly interface. Great for removing watermarks, blemishes, and other unwanted objects.

AirBrush: Primarily for portrait enhancement but includes tools that can remove watermarks smoothly.

Facetune: Renowned for selfie editing but has precise object removal tools, including watermark erasing.

Snapseed: A comprehensive editing app from Google that provides spot healing, capable of watermark removal.

PhotoRoom: More known for background removal, but the object removal tool can be used to erase watermarks.

Object Removal: As the name implies, it’s designed to remove unwanted objects like watermarks.

Wondershare UniConverter: While more known for video conversion, it includes basic photo editing tools like watermark removal.

HitPaw: A new but promising tool, offering easy watermark removal alongside other useful features.

Movavi: More focused on video, but its photo editing tools can handle watermark removal.

FilmoraGo: Primarily a video editor, but its image editing suite includes watermark erasing features.

PicLab: A creative editing app with basic tools to remove watermarks, though not its main strength.

Apowersoft: Offers multi-platform solutions, including watermark removal on Android devices.

Photoshop: Adobe’s mobile version brings powerful editing, including precise watermark removal.

Photo Eraser: Focuses on removing objects, including watermarks, with an easy-to-use interface.

Watermark Remover: Dedicated solely to removing watermarks, this app offers focused functionality.

YouCam Perfect: Mostly for beautifying selfies, but includes tools for watermark removal.

The apps vary in their primary focus and complexity, with some providing dedicated watermark removal functionality and others including it as part of a broader editing suite. Depending on specific needs, users can choose from these options for an effective and efficient watermark removal experience.


Can I remove watermarks from physical (printed) photos?
Physical photos would require scanning to create a digital version. Once digitized, watermarks can be removed using software. The process might be more complex, depending on the quality of the scan and the watermark itself.

How does the watermark removal app work?
Watermark removal apps typically use algorithms that identify the differences between the watermark and the underlying image. Users can select or highlight the watermark, and the app employs various techniques to erase or blend it with the background.

Is the app available for both Android and iOS?
Availability depends on the specific app. Many popular watermark removal apps are developed for both Android and iOS platforms, but it’s best to check the respective app stores to confirm compatibility with your device.

Does the app automatically detect and remove watermarks?
Some advanced apps offer automatic watermark detection, while others may require manual selection. Automatic detection can be useful but might not be perfect in all cases, and manual fine-tuning might still be needed for optimal results.

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